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  • It is helpful to first become aware of your heart intention for your Reiki practice. Although it may evolve and shift with your personal development, your foundational reasons for using Reiki will remain the same regardless of your external circumstances and needs. Reiki and your heart intention will guide you and your practice through the changes in your life, often in unexpected ways.

    Invite Reiki and listen for your heart intention. What are the gifts you want to give and receive from your relationship with Reiki? In your deepest heart, what matters the most to you? Open your heart to receive the answers. You can listen for your inner guidance in quiet times and also during your busyness. Simply activate Reiki and let your daily life show you what your answers are.

    Invite Reiki to awaken your intellect and connect it with your heart. The Tibetan master symbol, DKM, is a powerful symbol to help you be aware of your heart intention for Reiki. It empowers manifestation through balanced giving and receiving. SHK awakens your pure mind, opens the field of possibilities and connects your divine intellect with your heart. Ask CKR to clear and strengthen your voice and connect it to your heart and mind. You will then hear yourself and your own definitions as you talk about Reiki. Invite Reiki to heal your limitations and any fears you may have. Ask it to reveal your heart intention for your Reiki practices.

    My heart intention is "To spread Reiki into the world so that it will be available to the children." My intention has manifested in my daily life in a variety of ways. Yesterday I taught my two-year old grandson Calvin how to Reiki his toe when he stubbed it. My granddaughter Eva blew Reiki into her hands and helped me teach him. My son and his wife just asked me to clear and bless their new house and I give Reiki to my 81-year-old mother regularly. This is how Reiki for the children shows up in my personal life.

    In my professional Reiki life, my heart intention shows up through my Reiki business. I believe that if I can help Reiki become a mainstream profession, then it will be available to more children for healing, making it feasible for them to become professional Reiki practitioners- enlarging the circle of Reiki even more. Through my work with the Northwest Reiki Association (NWRA), which is committed to bridging the medical community with the Reiki community, we have seen how Reiki is gaining amazing recognition for its powerful healing results at various clinics and other medical facilities here in Portland, Oregon.
    I teach and practice a very spiritual approach to Reiki. I find that my students and clients are seeking spiritual body healing for psychological and physical injuries and illnesses. I am also a shamanic practitioner, and I combine the two techniques with my clients. My clientele primarily comes to see me for spiritual and emotional issues. I see the incredible results of their healing and believe that it makes a difference in the world.

    Every heart intention is equal and all of them benefit the growth of Reiki. Let Reiki help you hear yours clearly. Then let your heart intention guide you. Sometimes it may not seem to be following your plans. Trust in yourself and continue to listen. Continue to invite Reiki to help.