Reiki symbols

  • Reiki
  • Reiki is the universal energy of life that balances body mind and spirit in a very unique and soothing but powerful ways. Reiki training is actually pretty easy, it only requires trust, understanding, allocated time to practice and study, and last but not least, the most important aspect, a reiki master (teacher) that give you the attunement process for each levels. The learning process is not hard in any way, in fact, the process of reiki training is a wonderful experience of peace of mind and relaxation for the students and the teachers as well.

    As I mentioned above, the basic foundation is the attunement by reiki master (shihan) to open all your chakras and enable reiki energy to flow flawlessly to you and in the end you can direct them to yourself or others for many positive purposes that enhance the quality of life. Healing is the most popular aspect of reiki, but actually reiki can serve much more than just healing.

    Just like the reiki training, reiki treatment very peaceful and relaxing process for the receivers and the reiki practitioners. It is because the reiki practitioners are just the facilitators for the reiki energy, allowing the receiver's body and mind to experience deep relaxation state and balances all factors. By performing the treatment, the reiki practitioners will also receive the healing and soothing energy as well. It is a wonderful experience for both of them.

    Learning this method can not be done by only reading reiki books. That does not mean that those reiki books are not worth to read, but simply you can not learn reiki without attunement, either person to person attunement or distant attunement.

    On any reiki training; there are three levels that take you from ground zero to the level of reiki master. The first level will enable you to receive reiki energy flawlessly, opening your main chakras and you can perform self healing perfectly. The second level will enable you to perform local and distant healing and to do so, you will introduce to several, commonly 3 important reiki symbols. The third level is what you need to achieve to become a reiki master.

    The reiki training method, enable you to reach the reiki master level in relatively very short period of time. This is a huge advantages for us today, because in the past, before this reiki and the method to learn it was established, anyone will need years of discipline of zen meditation and practices in order to open up your pathway (chakras).