Mujer es Tu Turno

  • Quick quiz!  Have you ever heard about the Menstrual Cup?
    Well, on my side I have to admit that I had no clue at all about this product. However, I got to hear about it thanks to an amazing and empowered woman, Adriana Bernal, who took this Menstrual Cup as an opportunity to reconcile women with their femininity. 
    And that is what this Branding work aims to reflect. A woman who reconnects herself with who she is. A woman who stops feeling disgusted by her nature but recognizes its goal. Because menstruating isn't meaning of dirtiness. Because menstruating is, and should be, meaning of a new cycle hence a new opportunity . And because menstruating, is a possibility to understand this magical and unique connection that only we the women have with our nature and our moon.
  • But I guess - and hope - that you wonder how Adriana, with her "La Lunera" business, pursued her mission, right?
    Easy. She started running some workshops all around Colombia to educate women on our menstrual cycle and many ways to take care of ourselves with the different products available for each stage -birth control, menstrual cramps and bleeding, hygiene, etc.-.
    At the end, she graduates the attendants with a Lunar Calendar -which I designed- with which we women learn to keep record of our personal behaviours, and so gain knowledge on ourselves to better interact with our cycle and the moon's.
  • Lunar Calendar - 2018
  • Each year, the calendar changes its theme and based on it, every month includes a couple of tips to improve our relationship with our femininity.
  • Lunar Calendar - 2017
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