• This game is made to strengthen family relationships, improve the motor skills of the child and generate a rehabilitation without prejudice, for this reason the game uses basal stimulation as a main tool.

    Why a game?
    According to specialists, the game is a very efficient tool for children's learning, since it poses an activity in which there are infinite opportunities to reach an objective. In addition, there is no emphasis on not knowing how to do things or see how some advance.
  • What is basal stimulation?
    Basal stimulation is a way to support the development of people with disabilities developed in the 70s in Germany by Frohlich. This time of approach is defined by its creator as "a form of empowerment of communication, interaction and development oriented in all its areas to the basic needs of the human being".

    It is based on not requiring a minimum level to apply, nor waiting for giant results in each of the disabled people. Starting from the point of not only learning mechanically if not internalizing what is learned, this method allows a development in each one of your patients, in which each one understands and acquires social and emotional elements that will affect in a positive way the growth and this person. Its objective is to open each of these people towards their environment and to provide these people who can not take charge of their growth and development with the tools to be included from the senses in the world that surrounds them.
  • Each mission can be repeated as many times as you want. The degree of difficulty can change as they wish. 
  • The game contains
    • An initial story that tells the story of the magical world 21Unico
    • Ten (10) small stories focused on each character with the mission to perform.
    • Ten (10) stamps, each identified with a mission.
    • A diploma.

    1. In the company of your child read the initial story of the magical world 21 Unique.
    2. Read the first story to your child (mission 1), and complete the mission.
    3. When they succeed in overcoming the mission, they will be ready to read the other story. But before this, you must put the seal identified with the mission as recognition. Your child can color it.
    4. When they have completed ten (10) missions your child will be ready to receive the diploma, this means that both have won the game.