• W E A R A B L E   M E M O R I E S

  • reconstruction of clothes that ONCE belonged to a deceased loved one

    For this project I created a capsule collection in which the key was sustainable fashion. I decided to address it based on a personal experience that changed my life completely: The early death of my beloved Dad. I understood that sustainability can also be based on the values ​​we attach to the garments we wear. That's why instead of wearing clothes bought without any reason, I decided to create my own clothes from the reconstruction of the suits that my father used to wear to go to work everyday.

    He put a lot of value on those suits and my intention is that this value will last forever. My goal is to inspire others to reuse those valuable items left by our loved ones once they leave this planet to make a contribution to this world through sustainable fashion.
  • Personal manifesto

  • moodboard
  • I elaborated this moodboard with the intention of expressing the feelings that were released after the departure of my Dad. The concrete idea of ​​the garments was subject to the raw materials, that in this case are the suits. That is why I wanted to dedicate this part of the creative process exclusively to the feelings.

  • Business Model Canvas
  • I used a generic template to visualize how this idea would be produced in the future.

  • Materials
  • These were the clothes from my Dad's closet that I selected. Each one has the description of the material in which it is made, the country were it was made and the brand to which it belongs.

  • sketching
  • I began to sketch the different shapes I imagined from the materials. As I chose suits I imagined that the user could be a businesswoman who likes to dress well and with good quality clothes. I made four sketches in total of which I was going to choose one to rebuild.

  • I selected sketch number four to reconstruct. I started to cut the garments and fit them to size and style. I used my size 8 mannequin and my sewing machine as my tools to make these new clothes.

  • I was proud to finish this piece so full of creativity and emotions and present it to the sustainable fashion class at University of the Andes, Colombia.

  • Design work by: Paula Castellanos Zafra
    All rights reserved
    2018 Ⓡ