For any Query send us a E-mail :

  • For any Query send us a E-mail :
  • The Final Logo
    The logo idea is based either on the company name or its' positioning. The "message" pictogram incorporated into the "D" letter symbolizes either relation between people or communication as a marketing goal. The logo simplicity and metaphor clearliness creates the right tone of voice. It tells the clients about the company's reliability and unambiguity.

    ​​​​​​​Identity System
    Every collateral designed or Relate communicates the company's values in it's special way, according to it's capability but using the same design language. Working together or separately, they create a unique and effective brand image. The main pattern symbolizes connections between people and digital markeing tools. They maybe organized in a growth chart, a strategic road map or any other symbol. The pattern style understates the scientific approach of the company.

    POS materials
    The design system turned out to be so flexible that it can be used in a wide variety of situations: from a routine meeting to an annual event. The active usage of the additional color pallette adds festivity to the austere style. We've also designed dymamic logo variations that can be used for internal branding, special occasions and in motion graphics.

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