Design with Communities: AseisManos

  • Design with communities 
  • The Criptex corresponds to a design solution built from the paradigm of design oriented to communities. In this case, we worked with the A Seis Manos community, a restaurant located in the center of Bogotá, with a cultural exchange proposal. The restaurant owners (French and Colombian) sought to provide a space for nationals and foreigners to perform various activities, such as practicing languages ​​or learning to dance salsa.

    Based on the research carried out, a need was found to innovate and mix the different existing cultural activities, which is why Criptex was proposed as a solution. The aim of the proposal is to integrate, through a fun game, the client suggestions and the creative process of planning the diners of the restaurant, resulting in new multicultural activities.

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  • Laura Ávila
    Natalia Cárdenas
    Ana María Cárdenas
    Karen Osorio
    Daniela Céspedes

    Estudio 4
    Universidad de los Andes