Material Explorations

  • Like words, materials have their own language that is desperate to be heard. 
    I constantly find myself inspired by the ephemerality of nature, and I aim to materialize the effortless beauty found in the transition between the life and death of the mundane.

    I try to find the potential of each and every material, and to consider its texture, aging process, and how it interacts with the human touch and responds to light or darkness. 
    I firmly believe that exploring these concepts across different mediums and scales can bring about the most magical and unpredictable results.

    I've incorporated a variety of mediums and techniques into my work such as wood, plastic, fibers, ceramics and metals, as well as natural dyeing processes, knitting, and crocheting. My strong connection with materials has allowed me to give life to my most abstract inspirations, synchronizing their conceptual meanings with the infinite possibilities offered by materials to create new surfaces.