• Have you realized that when you are sick mom gives you something and suddenly you start feeling better?
    Botanical Wisdom is born from ancestral knowledge. Much of the inspiration comes from the ritual of mixing water and plants that have been long ago used to heal. In spanish we call it to make an Agüita, and those aguitas are usually made by mothers and grandmothers to repare even a broken heart.
    Rather that develop a normal life still format, we decided to shift from nature medicine concepts to create images. The visual narrative enhance unapologetically the past as a tool to communicate nostalgia in a timeless scenario.
    Lighting simulates a mood of discovering: is like opening a door to find a drinkable garden where the sun light shines bright and passes through the trees creating shadows all over the place spotting the recipes in a complex and minimal canvas.
    The water keeps plants alive and feeds them with the exotic and fresh fruits usually used to complete the power of the plant itself. Is like the infused water keeps the recipes growing and spreading, it keeps the plants healing. Every recipe in this photo serie is inspired in a mixture of plants and herbs, so the idea is that every picture here is able to heal.
    This is a hope-you-feel-better photo series from our mothers to you. This is our graphic piece of work!