• F A C I E M
  • This project was done in a group manner for the class "Design Inspired by Emotions" of the Universidad de los Andes, during the first semester of 2019.

    For this creative exercise we worked with two paradoxical emotions. In this case the paradox was between annoyance and courage. In order to explore this paradox, a story was written about a young Colombian Jew, who has to continue with his family's tradition of going to Israel to perform military service. The story is written in the first person as a diary, expressing the annoyance of the young man (who wants to be an artist) against the idea of ​​having to be brave and courageous, in order to avoid humiliations from his family and his friends. 

    From the story, a concept was developed by means of a mooodboard that had to do with toxic masculinity. In this case, the moodboard sought to express this discomfort through uncomfortable and unpleasant textures. The moodboard was made in layers of acetate, with the main purpose of showing the annoyance that comes with having to hide feelings between layers of courage, something that men usually feel.With the help of the moodboard we created a video that also expressed these sensations which eventually helped us to reach a final product. As a final product we decided to create a line of ornamental facial masks, in order to represent the annoyance "adorned with courage". After several experiments with different materials, we came to the creation of masks made from aloe vera, with different elements with varied textures. The name we decided to give this line of masks, was F A C I E M.
  • F A N Z I N E:  H I S T O R I A

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  • V I D E O  C O N C E P T U A L:
    Conceptual video 
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    Final project