Honorable Mention-Kaira Looro Peace Pavillion

  • Design idea The main concept of the proposal derives from the idea that true peace can only be achieved through the involvement of the affected community of Sedhiou. Thus, the Pavilion is a frame. In its built form it will be left unfinished, and only with the community’s intervention will it change and physically grow though time. Therefore, within the frame lives a garden. Said space is designed for those affected by the violent African conflicts, giving these survivors the opportunity to plant a seed in memory of those lost and to mourn by creating life. Thus, reverting the graveyard methodology. Sorrow tends to overwhelm one’s mind and soul; to give one the capability to physically represent this is a step closer in finding tranquility. The garden will become a space where affected communities from different African regions come to intervene and mourn. The garden is also a dynamic and changing organism which requires consistent care from the community, giving Sedhiou a sense of ownership and pride over the pavilion. This space also serves as a contemplative space to honor the lives of those affected by the historic violence, spreading awareness to younger generations so that all may understand the value of peace.