Forgotten Voices

  • Forgotten voices
    Ahmedabad, India
  •      How can you bring people together with a designed intervention? The Azad Society is a mixed neighbourhood in the west of Ahmedabad. This 1.5-km2 district is home to people with high incomes, middle incomes and low/no incomes. In the north-west corner is the Indian Institute of Management designed by Louis Kahn. Within the boundaries, there are four large ‘inaccessible’ plots awaiting development, many gardens accessible only to surrounding residents, and only two small public parks. 
         Forgotten voices is about the people you don’t often hear from in a participatory design process but who make extensive use of public space: the elderly and children. By walking, talking and observing, the participants collected the stories of the young and elderly and discovered their needs. 
         The aim is to soften the boundaries between the social groups living in Azad Society by bringing the often lonely elderly people and the children together, in the hope that parents will follow suit and become more socially active. To do that, the workshop participants propose a structure on neural public ground that can be appropriated by local residents. The collected micro-narratives are part of the structure.