Light Through The Cracks

  • Light Through The Cracks 

    That moment of truth, when all there’s left is your own two feet supporting the weight of your body while you walk towards an unwelcoming finish line that promises the brighter future so-called “The American Dream”. 
    Thousands of feet that know the true meaning of tiredness, pain, and sacrifice. The meaning of faith, community, and resilience. 

    Socks become material witnesses of a migrant’s journey, while they offer protection and become a second skin that ages along with the body. Wounds in the skin and tears on the fibers; calluses and worn out heels; a metaphor for the journey of neglected people with no sense of belonging, through neglected socks full of holes that no one wants to claim them as their own. 

    In the Colombian culture, socks are not usually discarded but repaired using a lightbulb as the mending tool. Mending socks for each other has been traditionally seen as an act of care for our own community, mostly practiced by grandmothers and mothers for generations. 
    In the midst of a resourceless economy, it is a way to prolong the life of these garments while leaving an imprint of love and solidarity through every stitch.

    This collection of old socks donated by migrants of all ages and nationalities becomes the visual representation of a community trying to heal its shared wounds while uplifting one another and leaning on each other through every step of their journey towards a dream. 
    The holes on these socks reflect how the pain is transformed into golden threads of hope, and the wounds are covered by patches that offer some sort of comfort or relief. It all becomes an invigorating process that finds beauty in the midst of a chaotic reality and finds the light through the cracks.