UI/UX of SAN progressive web app #pwa

  • About

    SAN is a game where teams are given certain amount of tasks and time to find 
    right answers and succeed. This progressive web app #pwa was designed to 
    take place in several cities and be played by several teams at the same time.
  • User flow

    User flow consists of two parts. Before and during games. It was made to give
    users an opportunity to choose games & teams, to let team leaders moderate 
    players before a game starts and get rid off any distraction during the game

  • Wireframes

    Players divide to teams by 3-12 people and start looking for codes / phrases 
    following given tasks. There are many tasks, games and players 
    at the same time, so we used wireframes to simplify UX.

  • Logo

    It was very helpful decision to keep logo simple. We were able 
    to use various gradient backgrounds, get many types 
    of merchandise ready and use city billboards.

  • Branding
  • Thank you!