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  • Captured Tracks
    One of our favorite record labels, Captured Tracks, hit us up out of the blue. It’s crazy when stuff like that happens. They were coming up on their ten year anniversary (congratulations again) and wanted to do a big redesign of their website and overall design system. We completely revamped everything, giving them a custom designed and built website, and tight guidelines around type, color and overall design logic. We also tweaked their logo, gave them a bunch of animations and, in the end, became friends. Now we get invited to their rooftop parties in Brooklyn, and work on more projects together.

    This is a bit of a placeholder case study now, as we’re listening to some free vinyl they hooked us up with. We’ll get the full project up soon though.
  • Credits

    Creative Direction, Design, Animation and Website Design:
    The Collected Works

    Website Development:
    Nick DiMatteo

    Captured Tracks Head of Digital:
    Matt Brinkworth

    Captured Tracks Label Manager:
    Pamela Garavano-Coolbaugh