I Am Easy to Find

  • I Am Easy To Find

    Our frequent collaborators, The National, casually hit us up with some exciting updates about their new album.

    First, they said it was almost finished. Cool.

    Second, they were sending us an advanced copy to listen to. Nice. We’re friends with benefits, now.

    Third, they were working with the incredibly rad director, designer, producer, and Oscar nominee Mike Mills — and wanted us to design a ton of stuff for them including packaging, animations, swag, and the website. Holy. Sh*t.

    Mike had been working with the band for the past year to create a beautiful 40-minute film that accompanied the album and produced on the album — so he had an intimate vision for the design system that should span across all the pieces.

    We worked closely with him to develop a clean typographic system that eloquently constructed and deconstructed itself across a multitude of formats. Black and white photography and video intersected with colorful paint strokes, both layered beneath kinetic type. Together it formed a sophisticated design system that’s both utilitarian and iconic.

  • Credits

    Creative Direction:
    Mike Mills

    Album Cover Design:
    Mike Mills & OSK

    Film Direction:
    Mike Mills

    Graphic Design, Animation and Website Design:
    The Collected Works

    Website Development:
    Nick DiMatteo

    Band Mangement:
    Shaun Gibson & Brandon Reid