• Algaeviva are the new lungs of Bogotá 
  • Its purpose is to decrease CO2 levels giving access to a better air to all the city by developing an urban structure connected to the roads of the main transportation system in the city, Transmilenio. 
  • Analog media (collage) made to establish and visualize the project's aesthetic and concept 
  • We are aware that our public transport system is vital. The roads of our city are like arteries and through them, the oxygen for our lungs flow. We see Bogotá as a living, breathing, organism and in this way, there is a newer and greener solution. The Algae.

    Making a symbiosis between nature and the city, we improve the role of public transport and make of it an air purifier that changes the way we live and breath. The Transmilenio bus system connects our city and it becomes our circulatory system. It is the circulatory vehicle that transports oxygen and works as a whole with the organisms inside of it. Due to the fact that, what we do now, will deeply affect our future, we bring the microalgae into account, thanks to its high efficiency in fixing co2. 

  • View inside the bus station/ Mockup image of the crop in context 
  • The crop of these algaes will be arranged on the roofs of the Transmilenio bus stations, meaning that the oxygen and the carbon dioxide of the city can be balanced. The roof structure is made up of two glass panels with a compressor that captures the air from outside; rainwater also feeds the whole system creating an auspicious environment for the microalgae. The CO2 is set by the microalgae and then oxygen would be released through photosynthesis. Finally the waste or biomass is recollected to be used as fertilizer for surrounding communities, completing the natural cycle of CO2.
  • Museo Nacional bus station, considered "the heart of the city" 
  • Algaeviva takes inspiration from nature to build from it and connect it with urban structure. We create a dialogue between something created by nature and something humans have created, to connect us with one of the most primary acts of human beings... to breathe.

    With this in mind, we speculate about a greener, more sustainable city, in order to develop a healthier way of lifestyle, and giving a glimpse of how the future of Bogotá will look like. 

  • Annie Amaya
    Ingrid Castañeda
    Daniel Cubillos
    Nathaly Gómez
    Paula Suarez