Guía del Cinéfilo Voraz

  • Seven journals to expand our understanding of films and how they shape who we are
  • Guía del Cinéfilo Voraz is a collection of journals that mixes the necessary tools to understand, expand and appropriate the stories we get when we watch films. Stories that, close or not to our own lives, communicate messages that relate to our experiences.

    The goal of the project is to rescue the stories so that the viewers can reflect on them and see how they transcend into their daily lives, building emotional connections and rational criteria between viewer and story.

    Guía del Cinéfilo Voraz explores film narratives based on three main questions: WHAT does a story say, HOW does it say it & WHY does it say it. Starting from these questions and using brief essays, illustrations and infographics, the viewer gains access to information that will help them understand in a more detailed way the different stories he's receiving in films and how to apply those messages and their own analysis through a journal that compilates film stories on their own terms.
  • Degree Project. BA in Design. Universidad de los Andes · Tutor — María Fernanda Olarte · Category — Art Direction · Communication Design · Editorial Design · Illustration · Research · Strategic Design · Year — 2013 · Role — Art Director · Author · Graphic Designer · Illustrator · Researcher · Collaborators — Alejandra Aguacía