• F L E E I N G 

    Master of Design in Fashion, Body and Garment
    The School of The Art Institute of Chicago 
    Spring Exhibition 
  • This body of work grew as an artistic response to the situation in the US-Mexico border and the migratory issues regarding Latino communities. I have explored through art installations and sculptures, the various stages of a migrant’s journey and the struggles that come along with the pursuit of the American Dream.

    I have a strong interest in the history of objects and garments, and the meaning they acquire after being used by one person, or multiple people. They give hints of one’s personal history, and that element works as a complement to the sense of absence of the body that once wore these garments, or used these objects.

    Sustainability is a core element of my practice as an artist, so I find myself using what I consider neglected materials (that are often discarded), like pre-owned socks, shoes, blankets, and re-purposed cardboard boxes. I value the potential every material has to offer, and I explore it through de-construction and accumulation of objects of the same kind to create larger compositions.