Silleta Pavilion

  • Silleta Pavilion
    Designed as an exhibition shelter for the Mostra Orticola in Milan, Italy.

    The Silleta pavilion is inspired by the Feria de las Flores (Flower Festival) that takes place in Medellín every year. La Feria is one of Colombia's most renowned festivals, where tradition and economic development around the flower industry are celebrated. The pavilion’s purpose is to reinterpret the traditional silleta, which is used to transport and exhibit flowers, and create a structure that stands out during the Mostra, that becomes a shaded gathering spot in the summer and doubles as a sculptural moment during the winter.

  • The pavilion’s geometry derives from the flower fields found in Antioquia’s countryside in Colombia, which create a colorful horizon along its landscape. In part, this scenery would inspire F.A. Cano’s painting “Horizontes”, which depicts a traditional scene of the Antioqueño Colonization in the early republican times, when thousands of farmers were moving throughout the territory in search for opportunities and a new future for their families. The silleta is then a reminder of this great endeavor, while also a symbol of the laborious, persevering attitude, locally cherished as verraquera.

  • Project developed for the course Design Optioneering
    Politecnico di Milano

    Designed by
    Daniel Monroy(CO) · Maduri Preethika(IN) · Jamal Ngoyaro(SA)