• Entanglement is a project that aimed to identify, study and deconstruct a human interaction dynamic; we chose team work. To understand the core of the interaction we carried out several prototypes with users in which they had to construct together with certain limitations. The limitations enabled us to identify the key elements of the interaction. Our blocks seek to promote team work, as a person interacts with his own block that of his partner reacts and only if the partner engages and interacts back is that the first block responds; a tit-for-tat dynamic is established. 
    The project was developed using both wiring and processing. We used wiring to create the tangible prototype of the blocks and then processing to communicate the user's actions to the other block. We used the UDP networkCommunication library in processing to communicate both computers through a shared wi-fi network. Entanglement was conceived to promote remote team work. 
    Project concept and realization : 
    Natalia Ardila Torres · Julián Angarita Bernal · Samuel Sánchez Barrios