nO quierO CreCer

  • No QuierO CreCer is a project born out of the nostalgia for being a child again and the need to have a moment in the day that cuts off the boring routine of an adult. From this, a four-piece collection is designed consisting of two necklaces and two sets of rings, which aim to detonate a playful moment to the person who wears them. This objective is approached in two ways: on one hand, there are the necklaces, inspired by the imperfection of the child's line, which can be used to create a series of characters that travel and play with the body. On the other hand, there are the two sets of rings that are inspired from the gestures and shapes that children make with their hands to play and have fun, in order to create pieces that function as a reminder or game trigger.
  • A big girl finds herself in a space full of lines that inhibits and organizes her and day after day, she fulfills her routine. Suddenly a few multicolored drops begin to fall, bringing a little girl with them that takes in her hands each drop of paint that falls and begins to play and paint with it. This is how color gradually invades the space and begins to erase the lines that inhibited the big girl so much; creating a new universe where order is mixed with disorder and formality is mixed with playfulness, to reveal the relationship between the little girl and the big girl.