• Float
    Angélica Paola Hernández Becerra
    Laura Fernández Ocampo
    Lina Paola Pradilla Pinto
    Curso: Estudio 5: Desarrollo
    Dirección por: Sara Ferrari
    Daniel Ronderos

  • Float


    Float is a small washbasin for outdoor spaces with the purpose of easing the use of water during activities in these spaces. It simulates the idea of ​​hanging by creating a whole surface with a wall that helps hide the pipe. It also has a flat area where waterfalls create the feeling of floating, this area can be removed to be clean and it can be used to put things. Dimensions: 34 cm length, 34 cm height, 29.5 cm tall, 5 cm deep; floating surface: 31 x 31 x 2 cm.

    This Project is the response of the brief of the class Studio 5: Development of the Design program by Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia with Sara Ferrari: A small washbasin at an intersection. Agape would like you to design a small washbasin. Washbasins are usually found in bathrooms. The one we are looking for is supposedly at the intersection of three different materials and a number of different manufacturing processes closely related and specific to each of them. Given Cristalplant®, Concrete, and Marble, our gloriously small washbasin should be able to come into existence in each and every one of the above materials while keeping shape and size constant. Someone once said that form follows function. Angelo Mangiarotti showed the world that it is not that simple. This should be fun.