Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • Catch bad guys and look good doing it
  • During the Covid–19 quarantine I decided to do some online courses to improve my skills as a designer and explore fields that I had worked on before but had since left out. One of these courses was María Picassó i Piquer's Minimalistic Geometric Portrait on Doméstika.
    The course focuses on developing the vision to analyse and deconstruct characters and individuals, to recognise the elements that make them recognisable and to abstract these into a geometric illustration. I took it because I wanted to go back to illustrating, to explore it freely and to find the discipline and routine that would help me get back into it.
    For the final project, I decided to do a set of illustrations of the characters of Brooklyn Nine–Nine, my favourite series, since the characters are so diverse and I could explore the challenge of representing different features within an unifying style. Additionally, when working on the composition, I designed the names of the characters and explored additional resources that would enrich the final result.
  • Category — Illustration · Lettering · Year — 2020 · Role — Illustrator