Design thinking space:The cooperative that we dream of'

  • About the forum: 
    For its first edition, the GYF20 aims to bring together young entrepreneurs and professionals from all around the world in order to offer them quality training sessions to improve their skills and knowledge. The entrepreneurship training approach is expected to lead to new solutions and recommendations, to help the participants learn from best practices and to foster new ideas and innovation in the field of youth and cooperative entrepreneurship.

    About the Workshops: 
    The Design thinking workshops were designed based on the need of the young cooperative leaders. They were thought as  a co-creation space, an opportunity to discuss with young people the opportunities and life project they see and wish to develop through cooperativism. What is their dreamed cooperative model? How do they see themselves in the future? What role play a cooperative in this future? How can it be part of it? Are some of the questions that are meant to be answered along this session.

    The workshops were developed using 3 ‘field diaries’ that are the tool to engage an active discussion between the participants. After working each diary, the participants share their conclusions with the group in order to build a group vision of a life project that they see possible through cooperativism.
    We started with a ‘personal diary’, then with the ‘family diary’ and finally with the ‘community diary’ between all the participants.
  • Field diary 3 canvas: